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Bear Grylls Parang, Nylon Sheath

The Parang is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete. Its heavy blade makes short work of branches or vines. An invaluable tool in the jungle.

Item # 31-002289
  • Overall Length: 49.5 cm
  • Blade Length: 34.3 cm
  • Weight (with sheath): 720 g
  • Weight (no sheath): 550 g


  • Angled Blade - Ideal for clearing brush or limbs
  • Robust High Carbon Steel Blade - Enhances strength, corrosion resistance and ease to sharpen
  • Full Tang Construction - Boosts durability
  • Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip - Maximizes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Lanyard Cord - Acts as guard, enhancing grip security
  • Nylon Sheath - Lightweight, military-grade, mildew resistant
  • Includes Land to air rescue instructions and SOS
  • Priorities of Survival - Pocket guide contains Bear’s survival essentials


5 Your Title Roland - APR 7, 2015

i cut down a howl bunch of trees in my backyard with the parang does the job

2 Adventurer Borneo Survivalist - FEB 8, 2015

I'd be vary wary of taking this into the jungle.
Although this feels very good in the hand, I've seen a number fail at the handle join.
The tang should be full length and rivited but it tends to break off at the first screw/rivet point.

5 What a machete should be! Louis 'Bat' Clarke - OCT 25, 2014

This machete is perfect. It is a good, sturdy build- although weighty, isn't too heavy for normal use. It has a very ergonomic grip with a strap that can be used to avoid your hand slipping up the blade. It also includes a matching sheath that compliments the design and has a good belt loop for East carry. Finally, the "pocket survival guide" and rescue signals that are perfect for survival situations. This really is what a machete should be: strong, efficient and truly awesome. Couldn't be more pleased with it. And yes- this really would be perfect for a zombie apocalypse (had to be said).

5 It's cool in all But... xXSFINNXx - FEB 22, 2012

It's a very cool knife. im looking at buying it some day but whats with the zombie groups? It's cool and all but ive seen them on every page. Maybe you guys should be the sponsers not Bear Grylls.

5 North Miami Apocalapse Responce team Jorge Ducharste - FEB 22, 2012

Awesome Side weapon now standee issue for all officers next to the 45 of course.

Once the bullets are gone a machete is the next best thing

5 Pittsburgh Zombie Response team #57 Brendan S. - FEB 19, 2012

looks cool feels great does the job and is great for zombie killing!!!

5 East Texas Zombie Response Team Gen. L. Martin - FEB 17, 2012

Standard Equipment for our teams now. Great Parang.

5 Brilliant. Andrew Cheon - FEB 10, 2012

Bear is my idol. This parang is genius, and his idea is a great one. It works just as it is supposed to, and as far as sharpening goes, it hasn't been a problem for me yet (brought it on three camping trips and used it for firewood). The design really does maximize efficiency and comfort and surprisingly, even when striking wood and not getting clean through it, barely any shock is felt. I believe strongly in Bear's ideas, and however many defects there may be, as a manufacturer, Gerber may sometimes have these problems. I'm proud of the craftmanship and brains that went into this tool.
Highly recommended.

5 Everglades Photographer Shane Srogi - JAN 31, 2012

I live on a Horse Ranch in the Everglades. That means I am constantly trimming brush which the Parang handles nicely. By profession I'm a Nature Photographer which means I'm slogging thru the swamps or Kayaking. Again the Parang sees more than it's fair share of use. I can finally stop collecting Machete's because the others don't hold a candle to the design and quality of this fellow. If I ever end up in a face to face with a Python I'm going to be a lot happier about it with this strapped to my hip. Thanks to Bear and Gerber for making something you can put your trust in.


5 OutdoorsMan Dalton Alexander - JAN 30, 2012

I love The PARANG what and AWESOME TOOL!!!! I will own this and the survival series fire starter and the survival knife awesome

5 Goon for the Detroit Pistons Gregg Aldrich - JAN 11, 2012

cleared my shooting lanes with ease, love the handle, balance feels great, its appearance is intimidating to people in public campgrounds which is always a plus. Gonna buy the Gator next.

5 hunter / hiker jack - JAN 9, 2012

bought it, love it I have made shelters with this . I have cleared brush out of the way for hunting and aswell as hiking . I love taking my family out hiking,hunting and fishing I won't leave home with out my things from bear and gerber. Thank you for another well made product

5 84) 4$$ John Smith - JAN 5, 2012

Title says bad ass btw.................

5 mr daniel brettle - JAN 2, 2012

my better half got me this 4 my b day and every time im out hunting it has became a great tool for clearing away threw bushes ect and great 4 making a shelter.

5 YO taylor not teylor - DEC 29, 2011

hey taylor, maybe its razor sharp, youre just a mutant. Bad news: you cant get iV's(being scared of needles, good for me) Good news: you can now chase a promising career as being a superhero

5 think about this Your name - DEC 26, 2011

the blade is meant to be slightly dull so the blade doesn't chip, take a katana for example, one of the sharpest swords if made correctly but if you strike some thing that is harder than bone the sword can break, if you start hacking with this parang it clears everything if you use it right and the edge will last longer

4 Works like a champ Rick G. - DEC 24, 2011

My son and I love this. When taking on walkers, the parang is hard to beat. Multiple uses for survival, brush clearing, menial tasks, and lopping off heads. Times are tough (with the dead walking and all), but having this close at hand takes the edge off. Does tend to rust, nothing to lose your head I've though (sorry, zombie humor).

5 I want one!!! Matthew - DEC 23, 2011

Looks grreat cuts amazing friend has must have for a survival kit!!

1 WEAK John - DEC 23, 2011

CRAP...Dont buy

1 Do not buy this piece of junk! taylor - DEC 16, 2011

this is an awful machete that puts a bad name to bear grylls and gerber. It was so dull when I got it I could rub my fingers hard across the blade with no affects, not too big of a deal tho since it can just be sharpened, so I did so, then it cut right through this so called "military grade" sheath (which was a joke to begin with). I can't seem to get the thing to hold an edge for very long and it is always rusting. Very disappointed in the machete so I contacted Gerber warranty wanting to exchange this for another Gerber knife, I got a reply telling me everything I already knew about the warranty info and nothing about exchanging, I replied back and still have not gotten an answer back (pending 7 days?). Awful thru and thru. I would not buy this machete or recommend it to anyone

5 SWEET!!!!!!!!! dug james - DEC 12, 2011

I AM 15 and i love it my buddys and I are both in a group that i made i have 14 of them

4 Your Title matt - NOV 13, 2011

the parang is great the sheath is the problem used it outdoors once and the belt loop starting coming off

5 Fantastic! Jason - NOV 11, 2011

This is the third of the BG series I've purchased. The blade is heavy, the weight does the work. It's not made for mowing the lawn and all steel rusts. Why must people whine so much, just learn how to use your tools properly!

4 Reptile Wrangler for Chaos & Critters Rescue Mark Jones - NOV 4, 2011

It is what it is guys - yet another version of a parang. As they go, this one is VERY good. Where most people go wrong is swinging "willy-nilly" & with no real force. Strokes should be deliberate and with the required, CONTROLLED, force. Rust? It is

4 Corps chopper Clément - NOV 2, 2011

A friend brought it to me from US and I'm loving it. I'm more used to the african machete, this one is way thicker tha the african ones but when you manage to use it properly, it's a great tool, cut well big branch for the firecamp or cleaning the garden.

5 not for everyone frosty - OCT 29, 2011

if you "weren't impressed" you clearly don't know "how" to use it. it. if you strike the target at the wrong angle & without enough strike force, as with any blade, it will dull FASTER & will not cut very well. my Parang has personally been used to cut o

3 watch out for rust Matt - OCT 28, 2011

After using the parang on slightly damp wood I had put it in the sheath. went to use it about 4 hours later I noticed rust and minor pitting on the non finished part of the blade. It cuts and chops like a charm but I want something I don't have to oil aft

1 Not impressed Molly - OCT 26, 2011

Tried to use this in the hills of WV-
this would have been the 2 time using it- first time was with bamboo worked for a min then had to get a different tool -
blade dulled so much it would not even cut a blade of grass! must sharpened- so I have to carr

5 I own one of these. Griffin - OCT 21, 2011

It is absolutely fantastic. although its a little dull initially its really easy to sharpen and on my last camping trip we cleared 30m area in a few minutes cutting down trees 3-4 inches thick.
also it feels great in your hands. its heavy but not too hea

5 Mr. Milo - OCT 20, 2011

Bought this for clearing out some heavy brush in the backyard. it performed well above what i expected. kept a great edge and have not sharpened it since i purchased it. have used it to cut up some fire wood and once again it has surpassed my expectati

5 Walking Dead Ben - OCT 19, 2011

If I'm not mistaken I saw this machete on the Walking Dead last Sunday.

1 Zombie tool Dude - OCT 8, 2011

Just got the Parang and kinda disappointed at first glance there were pits in the metal and the scabbard is a joke. I just used it to clear a bunch of small trees clean the branches. It didn't do well in clearing so I gave up and grabbed my loppers , way

5 Incredible Tool Adam - OCT 2, 2011

After looking around for a good machete I decided to purchase this one, and I am glad that I did. I have used it for brush clearing and I now use it in place of my hatchet to split kindling. The blade is quite thick and stays sharp; I have only sharpened

3 outdoorsman Leo - OCT 1, 2011

I have one of the Parangs and it does ok on light stuff (no more than 1/2") but the blade dulls quickly. Changed the angle of sharpening on it and I hope it does better. Not quite what i was hoping for in this price range machete.

2 Mediocre at best. Frank - SEP 7, 2011

I purchased this tool hoping for a good quality type blade and what I got was a very weak version of a very short Machete. I broke the blade inside the handle on accident while doing some branch knocking during firewood prep. I'd say for cutting through t

5 Great Tool!!! Chad - AUG 30, 2011

I know right! Apparently you can buy one with a different stile sheath. I have the "old" stile sheath with 2 buttons and the velcrow strap. Personally I like it because there is NO WAY that parang is going to come out! I love the machete! It cuts through

5 taylor abbass taylor abbass - AUG 22, 2011

i just picked up one of the parangs a couple weeks back and i luv it the bastard works like a charm now what i dont understand is the sheath on the one im seeing above here is not the same as the one i purchased mine has the velcrow and to button snaps so

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